In more recent versions of Windows (version 7 onwards) it is common to be prevented from downloading any files into the 'Program Files' folder, and even if you overcome this by running 'as administrator', problems will occur later. It is strongly recommended that the BugsXLA files be extracted to a folder immediately beneath the root C: directory, e.g. C:\BugsXLA6. You may also encounter annoying error messages on running WinBUGS if this package is located beneath the 'Program Files' folder. My solution is to save WinBUGS to C:\WinBUGS14. OpenBUGS does not appear to have this problem.

Click here for a brief list of the new features and bugs fixes since v5.0.

I would very much welcome feedback on any bugs, errors or other issues you might have with this version. Please read the troubleshooting page before downloading.

It is strongly recommended that the BugsXLA files be extracted to C:\BugsXLA6.

Download BugsXLA v6.0

Version 6.1.1 is provided for download as it fixes the program failure when 64bit MS software is being used eg 'Compile error in hidden module: BrowseForFolder' (solution provided by Xie Shaoming). It also handles the case when the Excel file's path cannot be accessed. This version has not been tested as thoroughly as for Version 6.0, hence I keep that available for now.

Download BugsXLA v6.1.1

These are compressed using 7z format and are extractable using most compression software such as WinZip or the free to download 7-Zip software that was used to create them.

This version is made available in case one wishes to reproduce the results in the book exactly. It is recommended that these BugsXLA files be extracted to C:\BugsXLA5.

Download BugsXLA v5.0

If you do download BugsXLA, I would be very grateful if you would send me a brief email with the following information:

Subsequent to you using BugsXLA, further information would be of interest, eg whether you found the program useful, suggestions for improvements and notification of any bugs. I promise I will not pass on your email address.

Please consider joining the BugsXLA Google Group where users can share their experience, raise issues and offer solutions. In future I will post my responses to queries there, as well as keeping users aware of any further work on the program.